Why this blog ?

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It's true that there are plenty of those blogs on internet. Why creating one more?

Because I want to give my point of view on this story. I made a lot of researches since I begin this journey and I want to share them with you.

Let me introduce myself first.

Hi, I'm Mariana Tatar and I'm 25. I live in France near Paris and I've always been into making money online.

Internet is so big and there are so many possibilities and I saw all those stories of people who achieve their goals, leave their jobs and have the freedom that I desire.

Are you in the same situation ?

For the moment I have a full time job helping me to create a side income. We all have to begin somewhere no ?

There are plenty of possibilities with online business, it depends on you and on what suits you the most. I tried so many things before this blog, before doing what I am doing right now. And finally they weren't for me, and I quit before loosing more money !

So enjoy your ride with me here :)

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